Wonderous words

I’m writing again! Okay, so I had a burst of inspiration yesterday and somehow writing 1000 didn’t seem like anything. Then again, 1000 words for a story is nothing compared to trying to write 1000 for an essay in my head. But yes, I have a third of my story written now (no it’s not going to be 3000 words in total, it’ll be longer than that). There’s still all of the editing to do, etc so once it’s done I need volunteers to read it and give constructive criticism. Anyone?

I’ve also been knitting quite a bit. The body of my Corona sweater is done as much as it can be at this point and I just started one of the sleeves. I love the yarn and the pattern, once a little mix up in the directions for the cable pattern was corrected. I’m used to reading charts so when I saw that it was just written directions I was a bit worried. But I figured I could knit them anyway. Then I realized, after about six rows, that I was interpreting the instructions differently than I was meant to. So I e-mailed the designer and asked for help. I also had to undo the cable a la the Yarn Harlot (scary scary stuff) but I did manage to fix it. The designer replied, helped and apologized for the confusion. So all’s well. It’s so nice that most of the people who knit are nice too. :)

I’ve also found a new recipe that I want to try out. It’s called Chicken Beer Bake. So yesterday when we went to the supermarket, I found out that they don’t sell single cans of beer. At all. What I want to know is why? Why don’t they cater to people like me who only want one can at a time? I don’t drink the stuff, I want to cook with it darn it.

I’ve finally finished Gone With The Wind. It was so awesome. All of the characters are more real and more fragile and stronger and flawed and so much more loveable than can ever be portrayed in the movie. Now I’m about to start The Queen’s Sorrow by Suzannah Dunn. And once that’s read (I’m hoping it’s a quick read) I’ll read the biography called The Duchess. It’s been made into a movie starring Keira Knightley. Not that I knew this until Oliver presented me with the book. Apparently it was an impulse buy. He’s so sweet. ^_^