Bits of this and that

Just got back from my driving lesson. I rock at emergency stops. Got 5/5 on my evaluation sheet. W00t! It’s quite fun too. Jim said that I might be an adrenalin junkie. I guess I am, but only in safe situations, like roller coasters. Haven’t been to an amusement park yet this year, must rectify that soonish.

Yesterday I found fabric! So it’s not exactly what I was looking for, ie white with dark green, but it’ll do. It’s just a plain light green. So if I have the time, I might embroider something onto it. Yeah, I know, I’m just creating more work for me. But at least I have the fabric now, it’s been washed (yesterday) and ironed (today). I’m planning on starting the tracing of the pattern onto tracing paper today, but I seriously doubt that I’ll have it all traced and cut and attached to the fabric until Thursday. At least the fabric was cheap, so if I mess it up it won’t be too awful to go get more (just £1/metre).

We have a Wii! Mariokart is really fun once the controls have been figured out. It’s odd not using the + button for directions; you have to hold the controller as if it was a steering wheel and turn it etc. But yeah, fun! We’ve also played various sports on it (tennis and bowling being the most fun) and we have the Big Brain Academy. I haven’t played it by myself yet, but what I have played it’s fun too. A bit insane, but really fun. I also bought Sims2 FreeTime. I had to. It was on sale. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My herbs are growing. All twelve of them! Some not as much as the others, but they’re still growing. I have separate pots for them now, but they’re a bit big, so they haven’t been planted into those yet. While I was at B&Q yesterday I saw more seed kits: one for three types of peppers, one for patio salad (salad, cucumber, tomato), one for Indian foods, one for Mediterranean foods, one for Mexican foods and one huge thing that had twelve different types of seeds. And I resisted. I’m still waiting to see how well this herb growing goes before I plant even more stuff. I was sooooo tempted though.

I made something called Chicken Beer Bake last night. I loved how tender the chicken turned out, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be making it again. Just somehow didn’t taste right. On the other hand, the leftover chicken is really good in a sandwich. So it’s not like it had gone to waste, I just don’t like it as a dish by itself.

And to end on a knitting note: my Corona sweater is just flying off the needles! My goal for today is to finish the second sleeve and attach them to the body. I’m pretty sure I can get that done.