Augh so tired.

Went to Nottingham yesterday for the induction day. Had to get up at 7 am to make it there for 11am. Was okay, nothing too interesting.

Had day school there today. Again, had to get up at 7, even though I had to be there by 10:30. The train gets in at 10:25, so I missed about 30 mins of being shown how to use the uni’s search engines. Did figure it out by myself from the handouts though. They’ve got some really good stuff! The classes were really fun. Won’t go into too much detail now, maybe later on when I’m not practically falling asleep. But fun was had.

The downside is that I’m really beginning to severely dislike public transport. Especially the trains with all of the delays. And the bus schedules so don’t mesh with the trains. Class ends at 8pm on Monday, the next bus is at 8:15, gets to the station at 8:34 and guess what time my train’s supposed to leave? 8:34pm. Hrmph. The next one is over an hour later. Oh the joy. I can’t wait to get my license and car. Still need to master reversing around a corner though.

Term doesn’t even start until Monday and already we have been given an assignment: reading three 3000 word fiction pieces and critiquing them for Wednesday’s class.

Right, going to bed. Need sleep.