That’s what I’ve been doing today. Now all I need to do is vacuum and move the final things off the floor. The exterminator’s coming over tomorrow. Yep, the carpet beetles are back. Augh. I found one in the bedroom on the wall and the other in the living room on the phone. I wonder who it wanted to call…

Anyway, I let our landlady know immediately by e-mail. She e-mailed me back like 30 mins later and had arranged for the exterminator to come over. She’s made of awesome. Seriously.

I’ve done a little bit of writing for the thing that’s due on Saturday. Not the complete required amount, but a little less than half. I have edited the first sections quite a bit, so if my brain still feels a bit addled from the goo and antibiotics, I’ll just send what I’ve got so far and tell them why it’s shorter than it should be.

And it’s raining/snowing again. Last week or so it was almost +15 C! Why won’t the weather make up it’s mind and just decide that it’s spring? Really, it’d make a lot of people a whole lot happier.