Book Stuff!

I got this from Leanne.

What’s your bookstore? Waterstone’s or

Hardback or paperback? Paperback. Easier to hold and cheaper.

Bookmark or dogear? Bookmarks all the way.

Keep, throw away or sell? Keep. I love my books. But if I really dislike something, I’ll donate it.

Read with dust jacket or remove it? With

Short story or novel? Both. I tend to buy more novels, but I love short stories too (which is one reason why I write them!)

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks? Usually at chapter breaks, but that’s not always possible.

Buy or borrow? Would borrow if the local library had more than just romance novels. So for now, buy. And borrow from friends if I can.

Buying choice: book reviews, recommendation or browse? Browsing

Tidy ending or cliffhanger? Hmm… I’d say mostly tidy. A little bit of doubt can be good, but not when it makes the reader go: Bwuh?

Morning reading, afternoon reading or nighttime reading? All! Right now I read the most during my commutes on the train.

Standalone or series? Standalones

New or used? New.

Last five books you read: 1. The Suspicions of Mister Whicher - Kate Summerscale 2. The 19th Wife - David Ebershoff 3. What I learned from Knitting (whether I wanted to or not) - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee 4. Welcome To Deadhouse - R. L. Stein 5. How to be Popular - Meg Cabot

Next five books you want to read. 1. Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War - Nathaniel Philbrick 2. The Lady Elizabeth: A Novel - Alison Weir 3. Necroscope V: Deadspawn - Brian Lumley 4. Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer 5. The Widow of the South - Robert Hicks

The first novel you remember reading. Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock - Carolyn Keene

A book that changed your life Umm…

A book that made you cry (really cry, not just a shed tear) Umm…

A book that made you brood for days I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but: Umm…

A book that made you laugh What I Learned From Knitting (whether I wanted to or not) - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Hilarious. Partly because some of that stuff has happened to me. Partly because they are really funny stories. :D

A book you have signed by the author Don’t have any

A book where you have drowned in the language Hmm… literally? Then anything I read in high school. Because it was all in French. Try reading Albert Camus when you’ve barely grasped the language and then writing an essay about it.

A book you have lost I haven’t lost any. Misplaced, yes, but I’ve always found them in the end.

A book given to you by your father Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J. K. Rowling. It was a birthday gift when I turned 14.

A book given to you by your mother Vaaran jäljillä - Leena Lehtolainen

A book given to you by a friend Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - J. K. Rowling. From Wind

Five books you would recommend: 1. Eureka Street - Robert McLiam-Wilson 2. Little House in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder (and the rest in that series) 3. The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella 4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - J. K. Rowling (and the rest of that series) 5. Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell