More about my trip, this time with photos!

Another post so quickly after the last one? Amazing, I know. We got our suitcases this morning! Which lead me to take lots of pics to update my Rav page and then I figured I might as well blog about them too. Anyway, a heads up that this is very picture heavy so… yeah… just sayin’, lots of pics.

Like I said in my last post, I met up with Cadence on Wednesday and we went yarn shopping. We visited The Windsor Button and The Stitch House and this is what I came home with:

From left to right: Dream in Color Smooshy in Absolute Magenta, Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Crazy Woman, Malabrigo Lace in Water Green, Malabrigo Sock in Velvet Grapes and Helen’s Lace in The Black Purl. The bag I bought from Borders for $3!

So that’s Cadence & me, proving that we actually did meet and went shopping together (I have *no* idea what on earth is up with my hair in that pic, the humidity was making it act up during our whole trip).

Sorry it’s so fuzzy, but I just had to take a pic of this sign in The Stitch House. It was next to the breast cancer kits. :D

And that was Wednesday. On Thursday we went back to Borders again (we like large bookshops) and O bought two books for himself. Afterwards, since the weather was nice, we sat in front of city hall (I think it was city hall, near Faneuil Hall anyway) where I worked a bit on my dissertation and O read his newest book.

This is how much sock knitting I got done while in Boston. And we didn’t even hang out in the hotel room that much! We walked around the city center quite a bit, much to O’s dismay. I like walking around more than he does…

And when we got home, there was a slip saying that there was a package in the blue bin. It wasn’t there anymore, but the mailman noticed that we weren’t in so he decided to hand them over to our neighbor because another package had to be kept out of sunlight. I finally have some Intentions yarn!

So that’s a bar of the Fruitcake soap, my six cupcakes plus two freebies and my hank of Oops - I’m Just Not That Into You. It was supposed to be Love, but the red wouldn’t stick, so it got renamed and sold as an Oops. I love pinks, so obviously I had to have it.