Lookie what I finished yesterday!

That’s about 50 g of the BFL/Silk blend that I’ve spun up this last week. Now I need to wind it off, pre-draft the other half of March’s shipment and spin that up. This stuff is amazing. Like seriously soft and so easy to spin.

And this is Aeolian!

It’s scrunched up on the needles because it’s so huge. Takes me forever to do a row, but I’m meeting my goal of at least two rows a day. At the rate I’m going, I probably won’t finish it until after our Boston trip, but that’s okay. It’s out of fingering weight so it’s more of a fall/winter shawl anyway.

Oh, I got my Cookie A book yesterday! I’ve already decided on which yarn I’ll use for my first pair, now I’m just trying to decide on which pattern to make first. I’ll let you all know once I’ve decided and made some progress on the sock. :D