Home Sweet Home

And I’m back from Boston, MA. Had a great time, but I don’t think I’d want to stay for more than a week without a rental car. If we had that, then there would’ve been day trips to all sorts of places nearby. But we just spend the week in the city exploring. Getting there was fine. The train was on time, no delays at Manchester (although they did tell me to put my knitting in my checked luggage) and hanging out at Newark was fine. Our flight to Logan airport was delayed for about an hour, so that wasn’t too bad. Even our suitcases arrived with us!

While in Boston we walked around a lot (got soaked on our very first day there), went on the SuperDuck tour and learned a bit about the molasses flood in 1919, saw the Blue Man Group one night, shopped at Borders quite a bit, found yarn shops, watched Fox News because they were entertaining.

On Wednesday, we met up with Cadence, a Plurk and Raverly friend of mine, and her wife Steph. We went yarn shopping at the two stores that I liked from my previous visits to them. So what did I buy? I got a hank of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Crazy Woman, a hank of Dream In Color Smooshy in Absolute Magenta, a hank of Helen’s Lace in The Black Pearl and… I have finally gotten some Malabrigo! I got some laceweight in Water Green (I think it was called that) and some sockweight in Velvet Grapes. Too bad they’re all in my suitcase which hasn’t arrived here yet. I’m hoping that they’ll get here tomorrow.

The reason why our suitcases aren’t here yet is because of our “exciting” return trip. We got to Logan airpot at 12:30pm on Friday (our flight was at 3:30pm). Get checked-in and told that we’ve been moved to the 2:35pm plane to Newark instead, but that’s delayed until 3:47pm. We were like, okay that still gives us time to buy cigarettes for O’s mom at Newark. Then we get to the gate and hear that the reason why the flight’s delayed is because air traffic control back in Houston won’t let them go because of the weather in New York.

Then at 3:00pm they say that air traffic control has let them go, so we all pile into the plane and think we’re actually gonna get to go. O took the window seat and I got to sit next to an angry man. He didn’t seem so angry at first but the longer we sat on the runway the more pissed off he got. While we were just sitting there, he kept getting lots of calls from people and sounded fine while talking to them, but every time they made an announcement he swore louder each time. Then we got told that Newark had been closed due to the weather (tons of thunderstorms apparently). So the Angry Man calls a friend of his down there and asked what the weather was like and was told that it wasn’t even raining. Boy did that royally piss him off.

Anyway, after about two hours of just hanging out on the runway the plane returned to the gate and everyone got off. O & I got lucky with our seating and were one of the first ones to talk to a gate agent to see about our flights out of States. Our connection was at 7:30pm (it was past 5pm at this point) so she moved us onto the 10pm flight and told us to just wait. Which we did.

Finally at around 8pm it’s announced that Newark is open again so everyone onto the plane again. The angry man is gone (he probably decided it’d be faster to drive to Newark than to fly) and off we go. The plane gets filled up with us stragglers who have no other option but to fly and off we go. It was really cool seeing the remnants of the thunderstorm as it moved away while we were in the air. We land at 9:58pm.

Remember what time I said our connecting flight was (I might add the last flight out to Manchester before like 7am or so)? Yep, 10pm. Good thing about our seats being the third row in the whole plane. We ran to the screens to check if the flight was still there and if the gate had changed. It had from 136 to 135. So we ran. Bear in mind that we got in to gate 83 and that’s at the opposite end of the terminal from 135. I had to stop running and slow down to a fast walk at around the halfway point because I felt like throwing up. I told O to keep going since he could and to hold the plane. I got a major stitch in my right side as I was walking and breathing wasn’t easy. Then I saw O come back from the gate a bit and he looked bouncy and anxious so I started running again. We made it. Down the jetway we go and see that the main cabin door of the plane has already been shut. But the guy on our side of the door kept knocking until they opened it and let us on. A couple and a family that showed up just behind us were also let on. For about 30 mins all of us who had to run couldn’t stop coughing as we caught our breaths. But we made it and that’s the main thing.

We got home around 1 pm (napped on the plane and on the train from Manchester). Saw tons of junk mail piled into the junkmail box underneath the mailbox and a note saying that there’s a packet in the blue bin. O went to check and found nothing. I figured that O’s parents had taken it because I had asked them to check it while we were gone. They didn’t have it either. But today I went to see my neighbor, both to ask if she had any packages for us and to let her know that we’re home again. She did! I’ve got my Happy Housewife order now. A hank of Intentions yarn in the Oops - I’m Just Not That Into You colorway (was supposed to be Love, but the red wouldn’t stick and now it’s all pretty and pink), a soap (Fruitcake) and six cupcakes (plus two freebies). No pics yet, but once I get my suitcase and all of my new stash, I’ll take pics of them all. :)

It’s so nice to be back home again. Even though I did love the bed we had and the pile of pillows I got to sleep with (O didn’t want more than one, so I got to sleep with like four really fluffy pillows) on the king sized bed. Awesomeness.

Oh and I found a cool book series while shopping in Borders. It’s by Scott Westerfeld and I bought all four books: Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras. I’m about 50 pages in to Specials by now. It’s got some words that I feel tempted to use, but then I realized that no one else would get them who hadn’t read the books. Oh well.