Not much new to tell… okay, that’s a lie. I seem to be chatty right now

I’ve finally wound off the singles from my spindle and begun spinning the other half of the bfl/silk.

Aeolian is done. Ends still need to to be woven in and then blocking. It’s a pretty good size the way it is now. And I can tell it’ll be very warm (doing it in fingering weight instead of laceweight helps).

I’ve started some Milo socks from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation book. I’m using Lisa Souza’s Sock! Merino in Shade Garden on 2,25mm dpns. Looks great so far. I finished the gusset decreases of sock #1 yesterday. ^_^

School stuff? Eh, I’ve got two coursework pieces due in June (which means that I’ll be missing UK Rav Day). The Children’s & Young Adult Fiction one has the story section almost complete (tweaking needs to be done), just needs the commentary. The Fiction coursework still needs a ton of work. Need to totally restructure the story. But I’ve got about 4,000 words out of 4,500 words so far. And once the restructuring’s done, then the commentary. Good thing I’ve got no classes next week, going to spend all week doing that.

I tried reading Memoirs of a Master Forger but after about nine chapters I gave up. It just wasn’t gripping me. Not sure why. And that’s kinda sad, since I really like the author as a person (hint: I go to his class every other Wednesday so I do know him). And he’s got really good advice and stuff. This book just… not my cup of tea. So instead, I’ve been listening to CraftLit. I started from the beginning and the first book Heather chose was Pride and Prejudice. Darcy has just proposed to Elizabeth! I know how it ends, but it’s still great to read/hear/see it again. :D

I’ve bought shoes! I got some black Skechers from Schuh (so I got a student discount). They didn’t have any in my size in store, so they’re being delivered to me. According to the tracking on ParcelForce, they should be here tomorrow. :D I also thought about getting these Skechers but I couldn’t decide on a color and I figured I should wait until the Boston trip to see if they’re any cheaper over there.