My gardening attempts

Earlier this spring I decided I wanted to try to grow some veggies. So I planted seeds for lettuce, tomato and cucumber. It was four of each in their own compost pellet things and they started off fine. Then three of the tomato plants died, three of lettuce plants died but all four cucumbers seemed to be okay. I was telling O’s dad about my gardening attempts and when he saw the state of my puny tomato plant, he bought me two seedlings.

Anyway, eventually I moved all of them outside into a sack of compost.

Apparently, the fates decided that three of the cucumber plants had to die too.

So what I’m left with is two large tomato plants (but no tomatoes!), a lettuce plant and a cucumber plant.

And the cucumber plant that I do have left has two teeny tiny cucumbers growing! See?

This year, the cherry tree has decided to grace us with cherries too.

I did try one that was way darker than any shown in the pics, but they’re still not ready. :/

Oh and my last instalment of the WildCraft fibre club came last week. Isn’t it pretty?

I can’t wait to spin it up, but I’ve got so much on my needles at the moment (two KALs!) and my dissertation (at 13,409 words now) so we’ll see when I get the time to do it.