This is what I do to procrastinate

I should be working on my dissertation commentary. And I will start it today. The story section I got done last Thursday (14,081 words, giving me about 1000 words or so to play with while editing). My goal is to have half of the commentary done this week, the other half next week. So that’ll leave me with about four weeks to edit and revise the whole thing during August.

But while I haven’t been actively working on the dissertation (I think about it constantly), I’ve been doing other stuff. Like participating in two KALs (a blanket and a shawl knit-a-long). And when those two weren’t giving me enough to knit, I started Christmas present knitting. My dad’s present is going swimmingly. :D

This is what I did just now (about ten minutes ago). I started off with two empty tea cans like this:

And about ten minutes later, I had this:

The stripe-y one now holds pens and pencils, the green one matches the paint in the kitchen and is in there holding my wooden utensils.

In yarn-y news, I finally scored some Wollmeise. I just happened to stumble upon an update and I got a skein of Campari Orange (medium) in the Twin 80/20 base. The color saturation is wonderful. And I’m going to knit it before I buy more to see if it really is worth stalking the site for an update.