Ever wake up knowing exactly what you want to knit? That’s what happened with this hat (and the co-ordinating mittens which will be released once the testers are done). The night before I’d planned out exactly what I was going to cast on next (Annis from knitty actually; I did finally cast that on last night) and when I wake the next morning? Hat and mitten pattern clear as day in my head. So, off I went, knit the things, wrote out the patterns and sent them to testers. The lovely Sadie offered as usual. She’s one my favorite testers. Clear advice on what’s not working, fast knitter, basically just awesome.

Anyway, back to the hat. That morning, I just knew what my leftover Malabrigo was destined for. Twisted stitches along with seed stitch? A very warm hat. This one (unlike others I’ve knit) actually covers my ears when I wear it in my usual slouchy style. The rolled brim and twisted ribbing keep it nice and snug on my head keeping it from sliding off. That’s all I really looked for; something that’ll stay put and actually cover my ears.

As with all my patterns, this one is available on Ravelry, along with the mitten pattern that’ll be published later this month.