Stash woes

I am trying to knit from stash. Because I have quite a bit of it. And I don’t want to carry it around with me as much as I do like yarn. I feel that it has to be made into something, otherwise it’s just in the way. But, and there always is a but, I have a slight problem. The problem being that I want to knit a pair of socks. I don’t have sock yarn. *pauses so that everyone can wrap their minds around the idea* Yes, that’s right. NO SOCK YARN. And sock yarn doesn’t even really count as stash! The little remnants that I did have have all gone into making the Clessidras (which still aren’t done, btw but I’m working on it, I’m working on it). And OMG are those taking forever. But that’s what I get for making knee socks. So those don’t count. And it’s beginning to look like I won’t have enough yarn to finish them either. I want sock yarn. Can’t get anything but really overpriced Regia at my LYS. The John Lewis in Sheffield that I frequent quite often has the same Regia, some Cygnet and they used to have Jaeger as well, but I think that’s been discontinued. So the fact that I’ll be in Sheffield on Friday doesn’t really help me. I could buy sock yarn from online. The Loopy Ewe has a great selection, and if the shipping costs are over $16, they’ll pay whatever goes above it. And I know that if I go to TLE, I’ll want some Lane Borgosesia lace yarn as well as the sock yarn. If I go to Lisa Souza, well, I might be able to keep it to two skeins of her Sock!, most likely the Aww-Tum and Mars Quake colorways. And the shipping would be about $10 I think. But, seeing that I am a student and no one in Aber wants to hire me since I won’t be here during the summer, I really don’t have money to spend on yarn, even if it is something I don’t have. Which is why I’m knitting from stash. And whining about not being able to make socks.