I just heard thunder. SQUEE!

I haven’t been in a proper thunderstorm in ages. Love love love thunder and lightning. Which is why I kinda miss Florida. Okay, so the hurricane warnings and stuff weren’t that fun, but the lightning and booming thunder that came every July? Awesome. I wonder what it’s like in Hawaii…

Apparently over 10,000 homes in Southern Finland are without power because so many trees have fallen down (onto the power lines I assume). Trees just falling down in a forest and knocking out power that way would be kinda odd.

I heard from Michelle today! She was my roomie during my first semester at Montana. It wasn’t a very long e-mail, just a quick catch up, it was so nice to hear from her. :)

Still haven’t decided what to cast on next. I’ve got about 600 yds of Jaeger’s Baby Merino (four-ply) in this lovely peachy color that they’re calling Magnolia and about 400 yds of Rowan’s 4-ply soft in cream and a warm brown. I’m thinking that I could combine those (since they all get pretty much the same gauge) and try to make a sleeveless top, but I haven’t found a pattern that I like. I might just wind up using the Isabella pattern as a template for all of the shaping and trying to design something that’ll work with my yarns. In the mean time, I’ve got my SSS to work on. I’ve got about twenty rows or so to go before I can start the next clue (which comes out tomorrow).