Dancing with two ;)

Well, today was a first: there were more guys than girls at dance class today. So I got to dance with Alan and Ludwig (the French guy). ^_^ Ludwig is a really really good leader. And he applies the right amount of pressure and has enough force to make sure that I spin enough and… he’s just a very quick learner. *grin* It’s just too bad that he’s too busy to compete because he’d up Aber’s chances of getting into the finals of various dances. Plus, he’s really nice, good smile, smart and smells nice too. :P It was actually kinda fun teaching him how to do certain steps that I knew how to do and he didn’t. Like I said, quick learner. It’s such a shame that our Wednesday slot got taken away. I’m always so happy after dancing for two hours. Sure, my feet really hurt because I haven’t worn my dance shoes in like a month, but it’s so worth it. Ooh and we learned a new dance today too. It’s called the Gay Gordon. Really fun, but very very dangerous to one’s ankles when the high heels keep slipping and sliding on the floor (seriously, I’ve got no traction; even Alan knows that and is prepared to stop me from winding up on the other side of the room when I’m supposed to stay near him).

Gotta leave to catch the train. Get to see Oliver tonight! :D