Letting y’all know I’m going away for a bit

I love grapefruit. How could I have forgotten how good it is?? That was my snack. And for breakfast I had strawberries! I love summer. ^_^

I’m graduating on Tuesday. That’s the day after tomorrow! The stress of getting everything sorted out… ugh. I’ll be so happy once it’s over. We still don’t have a place to stay, but at least the photos and the robes have been ordered. And I know what order I need to do things in. Now I need to pick out my outfit.

And so that leads me to letting you all know that I have no idea what my internet accessibility’s gonna be like for the next few weeks. I’m going back with my parents to Belgium after my graduation, help Jaz move into her new place, help my mom move back to Finland, stay there for my class reunion, and possibly go to Greece before going to Finland. So, like I said, I have no idea if I’ll be able to come online or not.

Driving has been going well. I went to book my driving theory test and the next available time would’ve been July 16th, two days after I’ve left. So I’ll just have to do that after I get back. Oh that reminds me, I need to send my license back to the DVLA because my address has changed. I’ll go to the post office tomorrow morning.

I’ve also started writing again. Don’t have a lot written yet, but I’m going to get it done this summer. I’m writing a sort of sequel to the last two stories that I’ve written and I’m aiming to make it the same length as the other two. :)

And now I’m going back to knitting. It’s almost time to turn the heel on Sock #2 and I want to get that done before I leave tomorrow so that I can just relax with the gusset and foot and toe of the sock while in the car. :)