It’s been forever, I know…

Okay, so in a nutshell: - My mom and youngest sis Jade are all settled in Finland again with our dog Mocca. - Jaz has moved into her apartment in Brussels. - During July we did manage to go to Greece for a week, just the three of us (Jaz & Jade that is). Loved the tan I got there. It’s fading away now, which I’m not too happy about. Oh well. - During my very short trip to Finland I spent a few nights over at one of my best friend’s place. Oliver came too. There was the class reunion; it was fun to see everyone again. The guy that was weird back then is still weird now. Some things never change.

I’m finally home! I’ve been home for awhile now, but I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t had the chance/inclination to post anything. Anyways, I’ve got my driving theory test the day after tomorrow (Wednesday). I’m fairly confident that I’ll pass it without problems, but the Hazard Perception Test still worries me. I have a practice DVD and the first time I tried out the mock exam I got 44/75pts. In order to pass the test, I need 44/75. Lucky, right? It’s still cutting it too close for my taste though. I’ve been practicing and so far my best and latest score is 56/75. Kinda feel guilty about not practicing at all during the weekend, but it is possible to be too prepared as well, right?

I’ve hacked away at the vines that are trying to take over the bushes next to the driveway. I’ve still got a few more unruly vines to deal with and then it should be ready for my car! I’ve measured the gate and my future car and it should fit in through the gate. We still might change the gates into thinner ones, but even if we keep the ones we have now it should fit. :)

Yesterday I joined the Cupcake Club. I can’t wait! Yes, it might seem like a fair bit of money, but for five different scents each month for six months it’s reasonable. Plus, while we were in Greece we were allowed to shop and I spent the least amount of money out of all of us (approx 50€) so this is my treat to myself. And if I pass my test on Wednesday (wait, no ifs. WHEN I pass my test) I’ll go treat myself at The Wool Baa as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting quite a bit of worsted weight yarn. Lots of projects in mind.

Speaking of projects, I’m making my Halloween costume this year! I still need to find and buy the pattern and fabric, but Oliver and I have agreed to go as Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara. Oliver’s costume can be made up from everything he’s got in his wardrobe right now, but I need to make my dress. As for the hoop skirt that I should wear underneath the dress, well in case I don’t have the time/energy/money to make a proper one (which I probably don’t), I’ll try to devise something using a hula hoop.

Onto knitting! I’m still working on a lace shawl. It’s progressing well, considering that while I was away I had no time whatsoever to work on it. That’s a month and a half of not knitting on it. But I have started my grandfather’s Christmas present. Can’t talk too much about it, but I can say this: it’s so nice using a thicker weight yarn than lace or fingering for a change. It feels like it’s going so fast. I want to make the Minisweater (aka Boobholder) by Stephanie Japel, but I’m still debating on whether to make it long-sleeved or short. And whether to make it out of Cascade 220, Cascade Pastaza or some other worsted/aran weight wool from the LYS. I do like the idea of 50/50 llama/wool. I just don’t know if it’ll work gauge-wise. I’ll have to ask Jill, the owner of The Wool Baa. And then I found out about this other sweater today, called Cordoba, that I want to make. That calls for 7 skeins of Cascade 220. The Minisweater only needs 2 if it’s the short-sleeved version. Decisions, decisions. Can you tell that I’ve found my knitting mojo again? I think it went away on vacation for a bit there, some sort of Muse convention as someone on Plurk suggested. But it’s back and I won’t question its return. :)

I’m off to do more ironing. Exciting, isn’t it?