Knitting and spinning update

Well Pioneer is done. I’ve worn it twice already. It grew a bit more than I expected during the blocking, but that’s okay. Next time I’ll just throw it in the dryer so it won’t do that. I’ve started another large project: Aeolian. I’m using the green 100% wool I bought while in Montana two years ago. All I know about the yarn is that it’s not superwash wool. Came off a cone. I don’t even have an inkling as to how much I’ve got (either weight or yardage). But that’s okay. I’ve got a plan. And it’s working! I decided to use the lighter green for the Yucca and Agave charts and then the darker green for the edging. I’m doing the shawl size instead of the shoulderette and boy is this thing going to be big. Not huge, since the swatch didn’t grow a lot, but still pretty big. And it’s taking me forever to finish a row because of the size it is now. Also? The nupps, not so bad to make. I’ll definitely be making them again if another shawl calls for them.

Haven’t cast on any socks yet. I’m dying to. But I haven’t. I’m waiting for Cookie A’s Sock Innovation book to arrive. It should be here next week!

I’m in the Wildcraft Fibre Club and I got my second shipment yesterday! This one’s 100% Shetland wool, 115g, colorway Hedgerow. So that got me to finally start spinning my March shipment (70/30 bfl/silk, 100g, colorway Violas). I’ve split it in half in the middle and pre-drafted one of half. I started spinning it on my drop spindle and omg is it nice. So much nicer to spin than the stuff I’d tried before. I can’t wait for it to be done and plied and then knit with it. :D